Thought of the week (3/22/2015- 3/28/2015)

The Farmington NM Stake Youth Program has started an Embark project. Every time we do an act of service we add a “warm fuzzy” to the jar because serving others gives us the warm fuzzies. When our jar in 3rd ward is full then we will add it too a bigger container of warm fuzzies. We are set out to embark on this journey of serving other and serving God with all our “heart, might, mind and strength.”


(this is not our jar, but I do not have a picture of our jar.)

This link is a Mormon Message titled, “You never know”. As you put others and the Lord first you are able to bless other’s lives in ways that you may never know. But those people need it and their prayers are being answered by you and by your love towards them. So this week I invite you to look for some type of service you can do, it can be as simple as smiling at everyone you see or cleaning someone’s basement for them, opening a door for someone or helping someone with their groceries. Remember as important as it is to serve outside your home, it is MORE important to serve within your own home. Do it and watch your relationships grow, and watch the Lord bless you, and most importantly watch your love towards others grow.


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