Week One! Alive and Well!

Ola! Family and Friends!

This first week has been so great! Exhausting, overwhelming but amazing!!! I study for 9 hours every day except sunday and pday! So lots of studying! The first couple days were so hard to figure out what we are suppose to do so we sat in the classroom for 3 hours unsure of what was going on! But it is so dang great now! 9 hours everyday is not enough study time honestly. Portuguese is.. well hard. It stresses me out.. But I love it! The SECOND day in the MTC we had to teach an investigator completely in Portuguese… that was horrible…. hahaha but It was amazing! It crazy I’ve only been here for 6 days.. GUYS! I’M A MISSIONARY!
My district is absolutely amazing! I love them so much! I swear I’ve knows them for eternity already! We are so close and we get along so well and we just love each other. Most of them are going to Portugal. There are ten of us, 6 are going to Lisbon Portugal, two to Mosambique, and Sister Griffin and I are going to Brazil, she is going to Salvador South. So we are mostly learning continental portuguese which is different from Brazilian Portuguese, so that is hard some times but my district really helps me with it.
Wednesday– CRAZY just CRAZY. It was also hard. Leaving everyone but thursday was better.
Thursday we met our branch, and all that good stuff.
I can pray in Portuguese, mostly.
My companaria is AMAZING! Her name is Sister Griffin. She is so sweet and so patient with me learning Portuguese. She got here Wednesday as well. My whole district did. She is this cute, spunky red head. She has such a strong testimony and such a strong love for the language. She helps me a lot with the language.
So there is this Elder that was in my Zone, he left yesterday for Portugal, he’s from England, but also he’s irish, so talk about an amazing accent. But that’s not what’s important… who am I kidding? That’s super important! But anyway, he is a convert so he’s an older elder, but I have never seen someone with such a strong drive for teaching the gospel. He has a past, a rough one but he truly has become converted. He has given up his favorite sin for something better, something eternal.
So this week, to be honest, I was struggling with feeling the Spirit as strong as I probably should have felt it. So Sunday, was amazing. Sacrament was muito important and necessary for the few days before that. But I realized that because I was so worried about having perfect Portuguese I wasn’t able to feel the Spirit like I should have. So last night we were teaching Rafael his third lesson and before we went to teach him, Elder Taylor and Elder Taggart went to teach him and Elder Taylor is so great in Portuguese already, He is just great, Elder Taggart however struggles with the language. We struggle together and everyone was pretty nervous in teaching this lesson. But they went first, and throughout the lesson Elder Taylor was focusing so hard on saying the right words, and Elder Taggart didn’t really get to say anything then at the end of the lesson he bore his testimony, he struggled with the language but he was so focused on feeling the spirit that all he said was “Eu seu que a igreja e verdandade” and everyone in the lesson ( E. Taylor, E. Taggart, and Rafael.) Were all in tears. E. Taylor expressed he never felt the spirit so strong. They came back and bore testimony of the power of the spirit. and they truly helped me and helped me feel what I needed to feel. So, even when you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what to say or how to say it, don’t focus on that. Focus on feeling the Spirit and He will do His job, He will testify of truth.
I want to share a quick scripture with everyone. Alma 23:15-16 This is when the Anti- Nephi- Lehi’s were trying to come up with a name to call themselves after they burried their weapons of war and repented. This helped me realize that once we repent and are baptized we take upon ourselves a new name. The name of our Savior. So I ask you guys to remember who’s name you took upon yourself. Remember who you chose to be like. Smile, be happy, show other’s around you the joy that the gospel brings in your life. I am lucky enough to put Christ’s name over my heart everyday on a plaqueta. Paint it on yours. Be the example that you are. I love you all.
Eu seu que a igreja de Jesus Cristo e muito verdidade. Eu sue que Jesus Cristo e o Salvador. Eu seu que o Esprito Santa e muito importante.
I love you all and I am so greatful for all your love and support. I just wanted to share my address with you!
Sister Natasha Ogle
Provo MTC Misison
Unit #178 Departure Date: January 04
Mission Code: BRA FLO
2005 North 900 East
Provo, Utah 84604
And just so you know if you go to dearelder.com you can send free letter that I will recieve that same day! SO I can write you all!
I love you guys!
– Love Always,
Sister Ogle! ❤
Here is some things I also forgot! My Branch president here in the MTC was the Mission president in Florianopolis which is great because I am the only one here going there!
In my district all of them (10 of us total) are from utah except E. Taylor, E. Brown and I! That’s fun! I really do love them alot they are fantastic!
 Next week pictures will be in the actual weekly email 🙂
Pictures Most of them are district photos.
then there is e. brown drawing which he does when we need a break from studying.
then there are pictures of my Comanaria Sister Griffin and I! Our District saying I guess is Muito Bom! It’s fun! It is really funny we are honestly the best district! Today we get to go the temple and we are going to a session for two elders from uganda going to mosambique! It is their first time it’ll be great!
I love you all! Have a good! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ❤

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