Well today has been, uh crazyish.

Tuesday the 24th was P-day. We went to the temple that day and it was amazing. We were planning on going around 1ish but we realized that the elders getting their endowments session starts at 2:20 not 1 but they moved the session up so basically my whole district got to go to the session for them, these are the two from Uganda going to Mozambique. Tuesday Sister Griffin got her visa and she left this morning for Brazil, so that’s cool. 🙂 I am in a trio with Sister Conrad and Sister Bateman now.
Wednesday the 25th: That day we were suppose to teach our investigator that evening and so we were spending the afternoon block of time planning his lesson. Well, that afternoon in the middle of planning his lesson someone comes downstairs and told us that Rafael was upstairs waiting for us…. awkward. So only some of us went to teach him due to the time cut.I didn’t get to teach that that day.That evening Elder Mitton told me that my name was up on the tv telling me to go to the info desk, so I had a mini heart attack because that is what happened when sister griffin got the info for her leaving for to Brazil. So I was freaking out throughout dinner and by dinner I mean I ate ice cream for dinner.  Then I spilled my tray everywhere. So I headed up to the info desk and they told me they didn’t really need me. They weren’t sure why they called me down. That night we had a district testimony meeting because it’s the MTC and we can. I was bearing my testimony and the spirit was so strong, then I went to say Elder Astol’s name and I did NOT say Astol… My whole district cracks up laughing and I continued. I sat down and then I realized what I said and why it was funny… so yes, Sister Ogle is still Tasha… haha OH ELDER TAYLOR AND I HAVE LAUGHING SESSIONS! He has the funniest laugh. His whole body laughs, I love it!
Thursday: Feliz acao de grades (p.s. I am probably very wrong). But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
 Thanksgiving was so great! We had a Devo by Elder DALLIN H. OAKS! So that’s cool. 🙂 His daughter Jenny Oaks Baker played for us and it was amazing. Their family then sang, let’s just say they should stick to string instruments. Thanksgiving dinner was at lunch and WE HAD REAL MASHED POTATOES! We did a great service project on Thanksgiving where we packed meal with this program called Feeding Hungry Children or something like that. We packed 357,947 meals, we ran our of boxes and ended or early so there would have been a lot more. We had PB&J for dinner and I ate with Sister Griffin of course in our cute lunch lady hats with a new district that came in the night before. It is a small district of about 5 people. Four Elders, One sister. I love that district! They are going to Brazil! Which is cool! During the Thanksgiving tribute, the closing song was I believe in Christ and everyone started so slowly stand up, it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong. It was so wondering seeing everyone’s testimony burning so bright as we united in song. I hope you can feel the Spirit through reading this. That night they turned the Christmas lights on around campus so that’s cool!
Friday we found out that Rafael (our investigator) was actually our teacher! So that’s crazy! He set brought to our attention the expectations that he and Heavenly Father has of us missionaries. First, 24/7 disciple.Missionaries aren’t always disciples but disciples are always missionaries (p.s.sorry about the spelling.) Second, Foco (focus). 3. Diligence and 4. speak your language.
Saturday: IT SNOWED! That’s all I remember.
Sunday: Sacrament meeting was amazing! Sister Griffin talked. I am so luck to have had her as my companion. We taught district meeting and the spirit was so strong and amazing!  WE GOT ICE CREAM!! hahah BYU creamery ice cream! We went on a “district walk” and by district I mean Elder Taggart, Elder Taylor, Sister Conrad, Sister Bateman, Sister Griffin and I. And by walk I mean up to the cafeteria… haha it was a fun time. At dinner, they released the snort.. loud and lots of them. Elder Taylor is the greatest. We have laughing fits like you’ve all seen me have with like Robert and Tiff. It is so great! It has happened almost every meal since then.
Monday: Breakfast= Laugh fest Lunch= Laugh fest. So I was in class on Monday and  I was trying to say “Meu prefrido” and I said, “ME-a preFERETO” the whitest way anyone can say it, it was in front of my whole district and loud and it was just a Tasha moment. then I was like “sorry, I don’t speak pork-and-cheese” when I completely meant to say Portuguese… Guys.. I struggle.  Sister Griffin had half a pday yesterday to pack and stuff so that was fun.
Today: This morning sister griffin was suppose to leave at 6 and a secruity person came in at 5 in the morning, turned on the light and said “We are looking for a Sister Ogle” I sat straight up out of my bed and was like “YES??” and they said “You were suppose to be at the travel office this morning to leave.” I said, “NO ONE TOLD ME, are you sure you aren’t looking for Sister Griffin? She leaves at 6.” They said hold on let me call. They came back and said yup you were suppose to leave this morning. Sister Griffin leaves at 6 and you need to be at the travel office by 8 to get travel arrangements. So I went to the travel office at 8 they told me to come back at noon to get info for leaving next week… I went back.. I leave tomorrow morning. I AM GOING TO BRAZIL! So that’s cool.
Welp,, I love you all and I am so greatful for everyone’s support and pateince with my grammar and spelling. I am forgetting the English language and not learning Pork and cheese so that’s cool! I am working on pictures. I will email next week, from BRAZIL!
I Love you all!
Eu vida e muito bom!
I know that this Church is true without a doubt in my mind. I know that I have a Father in Heaven that loves me and is helping me get out of my comfort zone. I know I have a Savior who came to earth, so He can save me and He can save you. The Book of Mormon is true, in what ever language you read it in (or pretend to read it in (aka Portuguese Book of Mormon is difficult for me)). I loved the experience and friendships I have built here in Provo. I am working on holding myself together for Brazil. But I know Heavenly Father has a perfect plan. I love you all!
Sister Ogle!
I’ll work on sending pictures!

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