Oi! Friends and Family. I have email time today! Again… haha but I promise after this week I won’t be able to email 4 times a week.
Brasil is beautiful. I love the country, I love the people, I love the food (better than Provo MTC surprisingly), I love my teachers, I love my companaria (Still Sis. Griffin), I just know I am suppose to be here. I still cannot believe I am in Brasil! I am in a foreign country, speakingish a foreign language and eating foreign food.
Traveling out here I was definitely blessed with tender mercies. On the plane to Atlanta I sat with an Elder heading to England whom I really really needed to sit next to on the plane. I was so nervous (not about flying but about just how fast everything happened). I was kind of just thrown into coming to Brasil last minute. I didn’t get much time to prepare mentally, physically, and especially emotionally. I was so overwhelmed (and still am trying to gather all my marbles). So I am so grateful he sat next to me. We were able to play some games, talk about home, talk about the MTC and talk about the mission. It was a nice stress reliever. When I landed in Atlanta I said goodbye to these elders and found my gate. Which was also crazy, EVERYONE spoke PORTUGUESE and I realized that two weeks of Portuguese has not been enough.
Being here at the CTM I have definately learned the importance of focusing on the gospel and the spirit and not the language and I am glad Provo MTC really taught that. My district here is not as easy to love and get along with as those in Provo were. They struggle focusing and focusing on the right things but I am glad that I know that the Spirit does the teaching no matter how good my Portuguese may be. I love Brasil! I love the people. I have really struggled with something but it makes me more and more grateful for my opportunity of being in Provo before coming here and more and more grateful for prayer and scripture study. I know that we can find peace, confidence and strength within doing the basic things such as being obedient, praying, reading scriptures, studying hard, and depending more on the Lord than our own strengths.
I am sleep deprived… haha I have been up at 5 since Tuesday morning haven’t slept much in between there. I cannot send pictures here at the CTM but in four weeks you’ll get some. #pleasewriteme
Love, Sister Ogle!


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