Oi! Well I don’t have much time left today and I dont have a lot of new things happening but Ill share what is going on!
I had a filling fall out so I got to go to a Brazilian dentist.. wasn’t horrible. They dont use numbing medicine. I am not sure what they do honestly but it didn’t hurt.. and it’s fixed. So that’s fun! 
Funny story…

My companion and district found a moth the other day inside.. about the size of a baby bird.. pretty nasty but we were trying to get it outside and sister griffin wouldnt let E. Dial step on it because she wanted to set it free and help it live. She got it outside and by this point about 2 districts were watching the moth fly away and Sister Griffin was like, “Today I saved a moths life.” At that moment a bird came out of normal and ate it and flew away.. It was like a movie. It was so dang funny! 
Umm… I leave the CTM on December 29th! And next week my Pday is on Tuesday because of Christmas. 
So on Quarta, we had a ton of missionaries come in and our Brazilian roommates left for their mission and we got two more brazilian sisters who dont speak a lick of English so we have to speak our language. They’re so sweet! I love talking to them. One is going to Florianopolis! and one is going to Sister Griffins Mission in Salvador South! Elder Oquist and Elder Davison (from one of the districts in the CTM de Provo) came in on Wednesday! It was so dang exciting and it’s been so great having them here! 
Something about being on a mission really brings out the weaknesses you have. It really makes them evidant in your life.I am working on being better. And working on speaking my language better because Heavenly Father wants me speaking Portuguese not English. That’s why I am in Brasil and why I am serving in Brasil I am called to serve in Brasil, serve the people of Brasil and I wont be able to bring them to Cristo without knowing the language.

Love you all,

Sister Ogle!


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