welp i am in the field!

Well! it has been a crazy week!

well Christmas was amazing! I got to talk to my family and I got to spend a wonderful day with wonderful people in a wonderful place! On Christmas we watched the Christmas Devo that was happening in Provo, Elder Bednar talked and it was amazing, he did a question and answer type thing. One of my favorite parts was, because Heavenly Father loves Sister Griffin and I, we saw in the Devo almost our whole district from Provo. man I love them a lot. That day we also spent playing games and having fun! I really really loved Christmas. I loved the opportunity I had to talk to my family. I cried but it was so good to hear their voices.
My last Sunday in the CTM I gave a talk. I decided to talk on patience. It was in portuguese of course. But during the talk I lost my patience… (sorry I cannot spell) it was quite amusing for myself… but I think it was a good talk… if it wasnt and you’re reading this please dont tell me.
The last day in the CTM was actually quite difficult for me… I hate saying goodbye. I have come to love so many people at the CTM and it was sad for me to say goodbye! But it happened and I am so grateful Heavenly Father blessed me with people that make goodbyes so hard… But I am so grateful for modern technology so it isn’t goodbye.
Welp yesterday I left the CTM at about 6 o’clock..but I only had about 3 hours of sleep so anyone who knows me knows how happy I was leaving.. But we left and got to the airport and there are only 2 americans struggling among the 15 other Brazilians trying to figure out what we were doing. I have some super sweet people in my mission by the way. So anyway, we got boarded on to our plane the engines were running and ready to go and then something happened and we all had to get off and go back inside to board a new plane, some where in this process our group of missionaries split and we ended up on two different flights. When we arrived we were greeted by Presidente Silvia and Sister Silva along with the two APs we went to Presidente’s house and had dinner then we went to the mission home. While there I got my trainer! Her name is Sister Mady Wilkins. She is the sweetest! She has been out for 5 months, she is from utah and she is just the sweetest. If anyone really really knows me, you can imagine how happy I am that my trainers name is Sister Wilkins.. <3. We stayed in a hotel last night because everything got messed up yesterday. I am serving in the area of Balneário- Camboriú! It is great! There are 6 of sisters in the ward i am in,  my district has us six and one set of elders. We share an apartment with the other 4 sisters. And there are only 4 beds so sister wilkins and I are sleeping on the ground. We also dont have desk so we are working on figuring out everything. I have never ever sweat so much in my life (TMI, sorry but truth). I dont know the language very well at all.  BUT I have never loved somewhere so much in my life.I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve it is the best feeling in the world.I love the people so much. They give more than they are asked to help progress the Lords work. I love love love it here! I am sending picture and there will be another email of pictures to update everyone! I love you and I love this church and I love my Savior! Thank you everyone for everything! ❤




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