I believe in miracles (Jan 18)

Well this week has been so wonderful!
Monday, I am sorry about the bad email last week, I struggled with everything on pday and emails and computers are included! But we got real beds, and desk and a fan and chairs on monday! We still are on the air mattresses because we are not allowed to set anything up so we have to wait for people to come set them up!

Tuesday: I gave my first message for lunch and i feel like it was really good! A little boy that was there loved Peppa Piggy that is attached to my bag (thank you Robert) and Sister Wright was playing with the pig with the little boy and she goes “Meow!” We died laughing! But later that day we went to visit less actives and as always no ones was home. We started knocking on doors, no success. We walked all the way down the road and started talking to a son and mom and guess what we had a lesson with them! There were four people there! We now have four investigators.

Wednesday: We went to a sweet families house for lunch and we got a reference there. Then we went to visit two people and we had no success, Then we went to visit some less actives. So we ring the buzzer and down the stairs comes a super excited 17 year old young man. He was so excited to see us. So we are working with their family. I love them so much!

Thursday: We had a lesson with Evaneta ( the lady from tuesday) she has a hard time understanding but she´ll get there.

Saturday: We had a lesson with a new investigator named Miguel! I love him! he understood it so well! His whole family are members except him and his brother in law and I really think he knows it is true.

Sunday: we went with the bishop to meet his friend alex and we will begin teaching him tomorrow!

|this week we have gotten 8 (9 tonight) investigators! LAst week we had zero. walking 100 miles in 14 days was worth it to help a few of Heavenly Fathers children! Heavenly Father is still a God of miracles if we work hard, have patience, and have faith in him!

Today marks my 2 months of being out! Holy cow! Next week I hope I can send you pictures! I am sorry that they havent been working! I will figure it out eventually! I have camera issues. But I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Sister Ogle


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