Life is like a roller coaster ride

This week has been so emotion filled for me that I hope I will be able to explain to you guys as much as possible.

Monday was a tourist day for us. haha we had subway and bought fun souvineers.
TUesday we taught Evaneta and she said she didnt come to church because she was told she was now trying to walk down to paths and she had to choose which was right. Which is true, and hopefully she truly tries to find the right path.

Wednesday was zone training there are 7 america elders in my zone so that was fun! It was so weird to hear english!! So relieving but so weird! We got training from a broadcast in Salt Lake something they said was that “A good missionary will talk with everyone.” which believe it or not has been super hard for me because i am not very good at the language and I do struggle but i have to trust the lord. Something else that they talked about was the power of using members in missionary work and i testify that that is something that is essential.

Thursday and Friday the other sisters in my house had baptisms and I loved being there because it reminded me of my friends at home that I got to see be baptized and the strength that they have to accept a path that isnt easy but that is right. I look up to them so much and I love them so much!

Friday was eventful….
We came home after lunch and there were two vultures sitting in our OPEN window! Sister Belo and Sister Wright were in the other room trying to get them to fly away but we were locked in the bedroom trying to get them gone from the other room…. eventually they flew away but two vultures…. then we were walking to a lesson and there was this homeless drunk man walking in front of us trying to impress us and we got to the end of the road and he went one way and we went the other and as we were turning I saw him stumble into the road and the next things that happened, I heard a noise I will never be able to erase from my memory, I turned to see this man flying down the road, landing and rolling. He was hit by a truck and he died, it was so hard, and is still so hard.

Saturday we taught miguel and it went so well! We taught the Plan of Salvation and he taught it back to us and he understood it completely! He is so great!

Sunday we had 1 investigator and 2 less actives at church! Our investigator is progressing so well and our two less actives are amazing! Ygor (pronounced Igor) is a seventeen year old boy, the happiest person I have ever met! He said he will help me with my portuguese and i will help him with his english!

This week I learned that there is completely a Father in Heaven who knows us, loves us, and stands ready to help us as we turn to Him. He will not let us down. Life is hard, sometimes it sucks but how wonderful it is to know we have a Savior that stands ready to wrap us in His arms when it is hard, when we feel like giving up, when we are lonely. I love you all!!

Love, Sister Ogle


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