February 2

Family and Friends,

Good week but not much happened! But to start. Happy Birthday JORDAN! Happy Birthday Kelly! Happy Late Birthday Madi! Happy late birthday ALY!

Lets see, this week has been good! During district meeting I got to talk about a rule in the missionary handbook and I spoke about the language, ironically enough.. but hey I will get there!

Sister Wilkins is amazing. She is seriously such a role model for me (must be the name). 😉 She is so patient with me in learning the language and teaching the lessons. She is such a hard working and she truly truly loves the people here. She is always so excited for life and I just love her and I want to be like her!

The language has its ups and downs. This week, in a lesson with Ygor, it was pretty good, he helped me, we quiz each other on the other language. Because he is learning English. But the day of district meeting it was better.

Evaneta, she told us she didnt want to meet with us anymore and we finished the Restoration and she’s like I need to pray to see if this is true… So it sparked something but we wont be teaching her again until she comes to church. Alex, stopped wanting to meet with us because his wife is a different religion and doesnt want him to meet with us. We met with Ygor and he just makes life better because he is so receptive and he loves the gospel. We had two lessons with Helena this week, we started the Restoration this week and she loves it. We had a great cake with her and we are going back soon so she can teach us how to make amazing Brasilian food.

Members are great as always, it was pouring one day and we were waiting at the church and Leo (an 18 year old ward missionary) was with us and his mom came and picked us up and took us to eat (shocker) but it was an amazing food place.

Welp my week consist of eating.
Love you all! Remember the Book is blue and the Church is true!



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