3/40 days of rain (Feb. 22, 2019)

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Well, this week I have never seen so many ruas flooded. We were on the ônibus heading home one night and the water was up passed the tires on the bus.. walking home we had to avoid like 4 different streets we normally take or we would be swimming home. It was bad. Especially coming from New Mexico…

We had a zone training this week, let me just say I love my zone! We got there late because we couldn’t find the chapel in Itajaí because it is out of area. But Elder J. Naylor and Elder Williams came and rescued us because we didnt know where we were going. Then we were split into two groups and I wasnt with Sister Wilkins and the other Newbie, Sister Osorio wasnt with Sister Belo. So we began the training and Sister Osorio and I were partners, the two that know the least portuguese, and I had to translate for her because she struggles with portuguese but she doesnt speak english so imagine how difficult that was. haha but lucky for us we were later assigned with two elders I am so grateful were there because Elder Pacheco (American) was A LOT of help and super supportive. I loved it.

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So our investigators are doing better.
Alvaro, didnt believe in God for the longest time, and we have been praying hard and stufying hard and we were able to find a way to teach him to help him find for himself that God exist! It was amazing. His sonish (his girlfriends son) was in the lesson and he understood it so well and he said he wants to serve a mission, he isnt even a member that was his first lesson. It was great…
That was this week. Mostly, dont have much more time. But I love you all!

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