5 months?! (April 18, 2016)

Well What happened this week?! Let’s see, for starters I just realized that I hardly ever put a caption on me email.. that’s annoying. haha or tell you what the pictures are and who I am with. I will do better for these next 13 months. Let’s see. Today, I have 5 months on the mission. That is really just crazy to me. Time is flying by! I love it here. It is the best place in the world! Let’s see. Transfer calls come this week, and sister wilkins and I nearly have 4 months in this area and four months together so we might be getting transferred. I will let you know next monday!

Investigators, so we were heading to lesson for a less active, Daiane, we are teaching and she moved in with her sister, Laura, (an other less active) and Junival (an investigator). And while walking to their house we saw Daiane, and she was leaving but she said that junival and laura were home! Which meant we could finally have another lesson with them! We had a lesson with Junival and Laura and we comitted Junival to baptism!!
Robson and Bruna moved to Caçador this week.. So that was a really sad day. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to find them when we did and teach them and help prepare them to be baptized. Before they left they told Sister Wilkins and I that we came right when they were about to break up, and that when we came with the message we had, we helped save a family. How grateful I am that I had the opportunity to do exactly what Heavenly Father asked when we did. I love Robson and Bruna so much, I know that even they didnt get baptized in our area that they will be baptized and they will help bring the gospel to the rest of their family.
Mauro was suppose to be baptized this week, (23rd) but there was an illness in his family and so he was out of town all week, so we couldnt teach him. His new baptism date is the 30th (after transfers). But he is amazing.
I dont have too much else. I am so grateful that when I ask for certain blessings that Heavenly Father answers them through sometimes trials and hard work. I love Balneario and I love this work that I have an opportunity to be a part of.
Inline image 1

My district leader is sooo great! He loves making cakes for everyone for everything. Happy 5 Months to me.. 🙂Inline image 3

Yeah it flooded…Inline image 2

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