7 months!! (June 20, 2016)

So it is super weird. I now have been on my mission for 7 months! That’s super crazy!!

Monday: We had a family night with a less active family and we help them set goals so that they can go to the temple soon. It was good. T hey were at church on sunday so it is working!
Tuesday almost everything fell through but we finally got to have a lesson with 3 new investigators, they are a family we have been trying to contact forever and finally got to visit with them! They are sooo great! They are from Para!  The people from there are the best! They gave a couple fruits to try from there. It was great! They have sooo much potential i am so excited from them!
Wednesday, everyone again fell through and we were in a neighborhood where we cant know doors so it felt like we walked around in circles that day,
Thursday. sister wilkins was feeling really bad soo I studied all day. But I found some great ways to better my teaching, lunch messages, and street contacts! Whoooo!
Friday was zone training. it was pretty great! I learned soo much! I am grateful for my zone. SO I have been working on playing the piano, it is going pretty good but now the elders know and they are trying to get me to play for district meeting and stuff. Pray for me.. haha
Saturday was another house day because sister wilkins was sick. But I am now out of time so I will write about sunday next week! I love you guys! I hope all is good!!

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