A whole new world. (May 2, 2016)

I am going to write this week day by day because it has i had to take the week… day by day.
Monday, Monday wasnt too busy, we took Sister Belo to the bus station for transfers, then we got Sister Glaus, Sister Osorios new companion. That was pretty much it. We also had a lesson with Mauro because his batism was marked for the 30th of Abril.
Tuesday: Funny story, so we were looking for a less actives house and we were walking down the road we see a lady and of course we said hi and then she’s like what house are you looking for and we told her 365 or something like that and then she told us where it should be and then we tell her thank you and keep walking. Then I turn to Sister Wilkins and I am like that was her! haha She didnt believe me for a little bit then we awkwardly turn around and go back to her house and we all die laughing because Mara (her name) was just going to let us figure out. haha she wasnt going to tell us that she was who we were looking for! They are so great! Her son wants to be baptized! Then later that night Mauro (our investigator) called and asked to go to lessons with us. So we took him! It was cool! Helena (less active) made us heavenly food!
Wednesday: Nothing much happened today excepted me freezing to death! Fall here hit and you wouldnt believe it but it soooooo cold! We (american) are wearing sweaters and are freezing to death!
Thursday: Freaky man, this is when the storm hit (not in the weather). So we had normal plannng and then we got a call from presidente, this is what the conversation was like…. Him:Sisters are you both listening? Us: yes presidente Him: I have a challenge for you two us : alright? Him: You two are being emergically transferred…. SIster Wilkins: Serio?! Him: yes  Us: where Him: You guys will go to Fazendo Do Max a sister there had to go home and you two will go there to be in a trio with Sister Branco. Us: alright, when do we leave? Him: You will leave tomorrow. Us: President we have a baptism here on saturday and all the interviews set up for tomorrow. What do you wnat us to do? Him: really? alright you two will leave monday. Fechou..  Needless to say it was hard week after this! We had last lesson and lots of tears were shead.
Friday we had district meeting and it was wonderful! Funny story, we were talking with the Elders and Mauro after Mauros interview and we were were reminding him to bring extra under clothes and we accidently told him to bring extra “calcinhas” and he gave us a super confused look and Elder Naylor looks over and hes like “that means panties” needless to say I about died laughing!
Saturday! MY FIRST BAPTISM! So many miracles happened and played out so that we could be here for this baptism and i have never been so happy. it was perfect!
Sunday: lots of tears were shead, lots of goodbyes and lots of fotos. I am so grateful for the time I had in Balneario it is really an área of miracles and i am so grateful for all the hard times there and all the great times. I love you all and i know this church is true!
I am now in São Jose, Ward fazendo do max. And we are in a trio! Everything will be great! Love you all!
Love Sister Ogle
Inline image 2First day of colld!Inline image 3Daiane the sweet person ever! (MA)Inline image 4The coolest district for a weekInline image 1 Helena (MA) Admir (Investigator) and Mauro
Inline image 1Sister Glaus and Sister OsorioInline image 2 my columbians Inline image 3 andrea (member)Inline image 4Mauros baptism!! with Alisem and our ward missin leader Adison

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Inline image 5

Inline image 6

Inline image 7


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