April 11, 2015

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This is Jacilene, she is basically my mom on the mission. She made us Tapioca (the thing i am holdning) with nutella.. sooooo heavenly.Inline image 3

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my cute peruvian!
Well, this week,was yeah. So Friday we went and brought a Book of mormon to a referrel. Let me just say he is the funniest man in the whole wide world. His name is Mauro. He is 68, he is like a movie character,I just dont know which movie. But he is so amazing he is so excited to learn about the church, he CAME to church on sunday and during sacrament he asked when he can be baptized!!!!!!!!!!! We marked the 23rd of April. He is so perfect, slightly crazy but amazing. Sister Wilkins and I walk around quoting him just because he is so funny. He is seriously a tender mercy. Yesterday we learned from the other sisters that Robson and Bruna (our amazing couple with baptizm dates) are moving back to Cacador before they can be baptized. SO much happened with them and they will be moving this week. it broke my heart but I know one day things will work out perfectly. Mauro is amazing and I am soooo blessed to have the opportunity to help him. He is so prepared and we didnt do anything to deserve him.
Quote of Mauro for the week, “Sometimes, when no one is looking, I hug trees, and kiss them, but only when people arent looking because they would think I am crazy.” ahhahaha he is so hilarious

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