Are you happy? (May 30, 2016)

Well this week was absolutely amazing, we had so many people cut us this week but I have learned so much,

So we have been teaching this mom and daughter, Marta and Arlete, they are rather difficult they have lots of doubts about why they need to be baptized why their baptisms aren’t completely valid. So after lots of study and prayer and fasting, the Spirit was finally able to reach and touch their hearts. They have been recieving the missionaries since January and they never really wanted it, and finally this week! They both accepted the invitation to be baptized!! The thing is that they are moving this week…. so we are praying that this new house is still in our area or that the other missionaries can form a relationship with they that will inspire them to continue to do what is right!
So this week Sister Branco recieved 5 BOXES from her family and most of what was in there was food, MOM YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME STARVING! ALL IS GOOD!
We had interviews with President this week and I must say, I love my mission president so much. I really know that he was called of God to be the president and my president at this time for a reason. Recently he had a meeting with Elder Holland, and at this meeting Elder Holland asked, “are you happy?” and this was the question he then asked us. Are you happy? We have so much and we have the opportunity to have the FULNESS of truth in our life. We have every reason in the world to be happy.
So this week I studied something I want to share with you guys. I was studying a talk from Elder Holland that I will share some parts of, but he was talking about when the disiples were out at sea and the storms started to happen. In the middle of the storm, “seeing their difficulty, the Savior took the most direct approach to their boat, striding out across the waves to help them, walking on the water as surely as he had walked upon the land…” at this moment the apostles then became scared, they were in pure terror, they cried out in terror, “then through the storm and darkness- when the ocean seems so great and the boats seem so small- there cam ethe ultimate and reassuring voice of peace from their Master; “It is I,” he said, ” be not afraid.” Elder Holland continues, “the scriptural account reminds us that the first step in coming to Christ- or His coming to us- may fill us with something very much like sheer terror, it shouldn’t, but sometimes it does. One of the grand ironies of the gospel is that the very source of help and safety being offered to us is the thing from which we may, in mortal shortsightedness, flee. For whatever the reason, I have seen investigators run from baptism, I have seen elders run from a mission call, I have seen sweethearts run from marriage… I have seen young couples run from the fear of families and the future, [ and I have seen members run from the church]. Too often too many of us run from the very thing that will bless us and save us and soothe us. Too often we see gospel committments and commandments as something to be feared and forsaken.” Friends and family, I have seen this too much on my mission, in fact at times I have run from the very thing that is trying to help me. But I know that these things are the very things that are going to help us. These are the very things that will help us answer yes to the question if we are happy or not.I have seen the beauty that these things bring. I know that going to church, going on a mission, marriage, baptism, whatever it may be for you, these things are the greatest blessings we will ever seen in our life. I know that the first steps out on the water in the middle of a storm are the hardest, but I know that Christ is walking to us, in the middle of our storms and He is ready to catch us when we are falling, He is there.
President shared something at stake conference this last week. He shared an experience of a man who left home to find “his way” and somewhere along this path he messed up, he got lost, afraid they’d be mad but calling them up anyway, he called he parents, And to his surprise they simply said our of pure love, “Volta para casa,” “come home” I love this. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and all He wants is us to come home. I love you guys so much, I hope you have an amazing week.
Love always,
Sister Ogle

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