August 22nd, 2016

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We got free burgers on Monday..
So we are teaching a lady named Marivet, she is literally a member and doesnt know it. The second lesson we had with here she read all of the first pamflet and answered the questions in the back. She said that the gospel is like a tree and we are trying to taste the fruit but to get there we have to hold on to a ron and if we let go we are going to get lost in the world…. What is this??? She literally talked about the Tree of life without even hearing about Lehi yet! It was sooo cool!
Wednesday we struggled… haha it was raining alll day and it was freezing. Lots of things happened but the worst i think was that we were walking home to get our umbrellas and a semi passed by (in the rain) and drove through horse poop and splashed it alllllll over us… haha it was greeaattt.
Thursday I hit 9 months on the mission! What I am already halfway through my mission!! Inline image 2

Friday we started teaching a girl named Ana Carolina, she is 16 with a 2 year old child she is sooo sweet. I wont go into detial but she lives a hard hard life and the first time she heard that God hears her prayers and that she is loved it is like the world turned around for her. It was beautiful!!!
Satuday we were in Eldorado with out umbrellas #dumbidea.. but we came home and Naira called she was about in tears and then she told us that Bruno wants to get baptized!! Whooooo! That was super exciting!!!!! I cried…
Sometime i have learned on the mission is that I am weak. I cannot do everything I want to do. I cannot physically do somethings that I want to do but I have the Gospel in my life and that is the most true, secure and happiest thing that I could ever have. I so grateful for the gospel and truths that change lives. I love you guys and hope you have a great week|
Love Sister Ogle

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