Do you know who you are and what you are worth? (May 16, 2016)

This week was really good. There is so much to say and so little time to say it.

But investigators, we are teaching a lady names Benigina and she is older.. we invited a member to give her a blessing the other day, he´s about 24ish and she fell head over heels for him. it was soooo funny.
Friday was a great day. We had district meeting. It was a little awkward at first but i like my district. So we went to the bathroom before we left the district meeting and the elders locked us in the church.. we were in there with the alarms going off and everything it was pretty funny. We had a member from the island come with us to lessons the other day. She is preparing for a mission. it was really fun. I taught her how to make contacts and all that fun jazz. she was awesome!
We have a less active who is just amazing. He is a returned missionary that has had a lot of problems but he loves the sisters. The other day he bought us pizza. He wont accept lessons from us but he knows the church is true but he just cant except the atonement yet in his life… its heartbreaking but he is great. We made french toast with maple the other day for his family it was so great!
We are teaching a 16 year old names Cleiton, his family is kinda rough but he is amazing. We invited him to be baptized the other week and he accepted. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation to him this last week and we were talking about the Atonement and we asked him how he felt that Christ suffered for him. He replied that he felt sad. We asked him why and he said because Christ was perfect and we are so unperfect and he didnt deserve it. We then asked him why Christ suffered for him. and he replied because Christ loves us. We then asked him, but why did he suffer for Cleiton? and he was about in tear and it was amazing as a was able to watch the Spirit testify to him that it was because Christ loves HIM. It was amazing to see him realize that he is worth the sacrafice that Christ made for him. That he is a child of our father in heaven. I know that Christ loves each and every one of us individually. He truly understands and really knows us perfectly.
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yeah i struggled with the selfie thing this day.

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helamã and french toast!


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