Feb. 29, 2016

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This week was flipping amazing!!
I will start with Itajaí. This week we had to go to Itajaí to get our CPF (Brasilian SSN) so we left really early one morning got there about 9 to find out they don’t open until 130, so we explored Itajaí with the Elders there. It was so much fun! Saw cute little crabs, saw cool churchs, and ate Subway!
Then one day we had interviews with President. And it was so much fun. Sister Wilkins and I had a great time hanging out for hours with some american elders. The elders in our district are so much fun. Elder Shakespaere (something like that) had a small, controlled, rubber band war (kicked his booty, #thankssuperherodistrict) Then we came up with  (iei he came up with) a cool handshake. We are too cool for anyone to handle… just we are actually quite lame we just like to think we are cool.
Investigators, this is a topic of miracles. So Monday we walked passed a members business that we walk pass all the time and I wave to him. This time we felt like we should stop. So we did, we spent sometime talking to him and then he had a couple people for us to teach! The first is Robson and his girlfriend (he calls wife not married though) Bruna. The second is Nene (pronounced like watch me whip, watch me nana) He is Evangelical (super hard to work with) But he is amazing. We set a date to meet with all of them. So our first lesson with Robson and Bruna was fantastic they were so so so excited to go to church and everything made sence. Then the next day was interviews and Marcio (our amazing member) called us with another reference! And the next day we met  with another Robson (ill call him robson 2). This lesson was AMAZING! Never ever felt the spirit so strong ever. I have never seen someone feel the spirit so strong. He has a lot of doubts but he was able to recongize what the spirit feels for him. In the lesson he said he must feel this way because it is true. We were able to (through the spirit answer almost all his questions in the restaration lesson. And during this lesson the other Robson (robson and bruna robson, robson 1) came in and learned about the book of mormon because we could finish with him and bruna. The next lesson with Robson and Bruna, they both said they know the church is true, the book of mormon is true, and this is the path theyve been looking for their whole life. We set a date with them for the 19 of march to be baptized so excited!!! They came church and partipated in everything and they loved it. I cannot explain well enough today but I will keep you posted. Miracles have happened with them. The spirit has worked so hard with them. I love them so much. And I know I say that alot but its true, love keeps growing and growing. I didnt know love like this was possible.
Well I love you guys, thank you for everything and shout out to grandma, the seminary class, and Nessa for writing me because of crazy moving locations during christmas time I finally got everything and it made my day! Love you all!
Com amor,
Sister Ogle.Inline image 4

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