#iamgoingtopeemyskirt (March 7, 2017)

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Well this week was pretty great. Mostly. Poor sister wilkins was sick alot of the week and a lot of our lesson, like all but 4 fell through. So we did a lot studying because sister wilkins was sick.
Let’s see what happened?
Monday we went to BIG which is owned by Walmart so that was great! Got a couple shirts there and mostly just got excited because there walmart brand things and it was very American… :’)
Sister Wilkins was sick alot of the week and a lot of our lessons fell so we spent a lot of time doing training.
I got kissed….
So we were visiting a less active and here is it custom to beijo, which is normally just touching cheeks which obviously isnt allowed between sisters and dudes and elders and chicks but we were saying goodbye and shaking his hand and he laid an actual kiss on my actual cheek…. I almost freaked out. But I kept calm and started laughing while walking down the rua.
Let’s see our investigators (the ones that we are having lessons with). Robson and Bruna (the ones we were able to set date with) are doing fantastic. We taught them Word of Wisdom on Monday and they completely stopped smoking by this Sunday. Sunday they were at church and they participate so much it is fantastic! So Daniel (their three year old) was in Sunday School with us and Sister Wilkins and I have a couple things to keep him occupied and he was drawing with my pencil and he had the eraser in his mouth and his mom was like not in the mouth and what did he do with it? Up the nose is went… I almost died laughing. Then Robson after church was saying that he wanted to bear his testimony so in our lesson with him last night he bore his testimony and he said that he is so grateful he met us when he did and that Heavenly Father has a plan for him and that he now has the thing that was missing in his life before we came. He said if we get transferred before his baptism he will be very sad (we were about in tears) but he knows that other people need the message we have and the help we have to give. yeah so that was emotional and just amazing. Then we were sitting there talking and his 3 year was standing next to me while I was sitting on the couch and I got peed on.. my whole leg. hahah it was so funny!
The members here are amazing! I really love them. So Sunday I felt like I need to bear my testimony in sacrament. #aboutdied. I went up there and I sat next to a friend ( Leo, 18 year old ward missionary,, preparning to leave on his mission) and I was so nervous and he sat there telling me it was okay. haha it was so sweet then time came and he was like go go,,, and I was like no! you and after about 15 seconds of arguing about who was next I went.. haha I think they could understand it. Then for lunch we ate with a great family who the dad served in the states, he made Buffalo wings! and they were fantastic!
I am singing with a few other missionaries for a member of the 70 who is coming for mission tour next week… #iamgoingtopeemyskirt
Man I love what I do. I love my Savior. This church is THE true church of Jesus Christ.
Love you all sooooo much,
Sister Ogle

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