July 4, 2016

So last week I told you guys we found a lady to teach by knocking doors. Well this week a week after we found Elizabeth, we found HER DAUGHTER knocking doors! We are teaching her! She is wonderful! Update on Sabrina, the girl that we found and she said she wanted to get baptized, well for the past few weeks, like 3 weeks we have tried to teach her and she wasn´t ever home. So we passed by her house this last week and she is now living with her boyfriend.. So that´s cool. We don’t have her address or anything soo.. yeah. We had to stop teaching her.

Thursday: Everything and their dog fell through and we went to a different neighborhood to contact a reference and we took the wrong bus home and we ended up in the Elders area. We were lost for about an hour. That was cool Then everything else fell through when we got back to our area. So we spent the day making contacts.
Friday: We went to Floripa for a training with President, It was sooooo good the AP’s did a training where we talked about the dificulties we were having in our areas and we figured out how we could fix them. We did this activity where we were Rocky Balboa and taking on our challenges like him. So long story short, I got to put on boxing gloves and punch a bag elder keller was holding. It was great. Then we watched a video about Christ and His Atonement and our missionary work. I am so grateful for my Savior, for the sacrafices He made for me. I am so grateful that missionary work isn’t easy because I don’t think I would be able to understand my Savior like I am learning to.
Sunday: Sunday was a super great day! In all honestly I have been struggling this week. Our investigators and less actives aren’t keeping their commitments and NO ONE wants to let us teach them. It has been pretty hard this week. But during sacrament we sang, I stand all amazed. and I am soooo grateful for a Savior who decended below us all, so that He could be there to lift us, save us and strengthen us. I am so grateful the Atonement and the enabling power found within it. I honestly couldn’t do what I do here in Brasil without the strength from my Father in Heaven. I have never loved a group of people so much in my life other than my family. I love the people in my ward. I love the missionaries in my mission. I love my President. And I absolutely love my Savior. I know He lives and He knows us and HE LOVES US.
I love you all! Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday america!!

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Elder Jepson was in our zone in Itajai, he is now training an american, I am not the newest american in the mission now!
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I made Elder Mendes planner and he wanted a picture.
Inline image 3

Sister DEAN!!
Inline image 1

My piano teacherInline image 2

The AP from Cape VerdeInline image 3

Elder Staun

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