June 13, 2016

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Well I dont have much time today but i want to talk about people we are teaching really quick,
Sabrina, We are teaching a 15 year old girl who is soooo ready. When we met her she was worried that she was pregnant so it was a hard time for her. When we asked her if she prayed about Joseph Smith, the curch, the book of mormon, shes like yeah! HE ANSWERED|! Its all true, We then asked her what she will do with that answer and shes like, I will be baptized in this church! WHAT!?????????????????????? it was sooo great!
We are also teaching a blind lady names Ivone, she is abosolutely great! She is so ready to get baptized she just doesnt know it. Shes had all the lessons and such but she sttill has some doubts. we are reading the book of mormon to hear and slowly but surely we are figuring out what she needs.
We have an amazing new ward mission leader! he has already taught me sooo much about magnifying my calling and being the best I can be for the Lord. He is  a member of four years and he is sad he didnt get serve a mission so he believes this is his chance. He is absolutely amazing. Actually our ward is the best ward the world so thats wonderful!
Dont have much time left but I love you all! HAPPY FATHERS DAY EVERYONE!

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