June 27, 2016

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Okay, I promise that I will get back on board with taking better pictures soon. I haven’t taken very many this transfer but I will do better!
SO Tuesday was a good day. We got 2 references from an irma in our ward, Sula and Junadmir. They are interesting haha. Sula (the woman) is  68 or something like that and she is living with her boyfriend Junadmir who is 44ish.. They are little on the crazy side but hey! I have faith that something great is going to happen! Tuesday night we were waiting for the bus and an man starts talking about us and was like these girls look like their from somewhere else. They dont speak portuegeus, all that fun stuff and was like “oh! I will make a contact with him!” So I was like yeah we are from some where else. and hes like whooaaa they do speak the language it was quite funny.
So Wednesday our investigator Ivone, our blind one that we were preparing to be baptized cut us. it was pretty hard. She said she loves the doctorines but she doesnt want to ever be baptized because a couple things a few sisters told her. It was so hard actually.
Friday, Sister Wilkins and I gave a training for a whole bunch of trunky missionaries. It was pretty fun! I loved it.I was fun helping them realize their purpose again and help them have the energy to work hard their last couple months. That night we found a new investigator who really is an old one that sisters a while ago taught. She is amazing! She is so prepared and I am excited to keep teaching her.
Saturday, we got a little lost finding a referal that the elders in the other ward gave us. but we found them and they are great! There are 7 of them but we only taught 5 this first time but they are wonderful!
Sunday was wonderful as well! We had a meeting with the bishopric and the WML, and we planned a devotional that sister wilkins and I are singing and speaking at with President. I will be great! I got to practice the piano for a bit. Then after church we went with the youth, the bishop and Everton to a nursing home type thing where we made contacts. It was soooo much fun! The youth in this ward are amazing. I love them so much! And the people we visited had servire mental disablities and it was sooo cute and fun. I loved it. Weellll That was my week in a nut shell. I hope everyone is great! I love you all!!
Love, Sister Ogle

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