March 21, 2016

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Well this week was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it soo much! So first of all we have fantastic investigators right now. We are still waiting for Robson and Bruna to get married but they are basically members just havent been baptised yet. They are wonderful. We met a new investigator who is the boyfriend of a less active they are wonderful! They have a hard hard back story but he is so ready! We met another investigator who started crying our first lesson telling us that his friend introduced us right at the time he needed up most. It was so wonderful.

We had mission tour! It was soooo much fun! There were 6 zones I think there. And I got to see so many people and meet so many people. Elder Zwick from the 70 chose 5 companionships to go up the front, in front of everyone, including President and do a short little teaching example. Yup SIster Wilkins and I were chose, I was pretty nervous but we got done and he said that is was so great, he wrote our names in his preach my gospel to remember it. Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit! We sang for him, it was such a great experience! I loved it so much!! We got the chance to shake Elder Zwicks hand before we started and he knew people from FARMINGTON! Say what! I learned so much from him. But something that really stuck out to me was him talking about the Prophet praying for us. 2 weeks ago before he left to visit us, the prophet told him to tell us he loves us and that we are in every single one of his prayers. I learned the power of prayer and the miracles that can come from praying. Elder Zwick said in the leadership training that our mission has some of the best missionaries in the world. I thought that was really cool. Something important he said was to make sure we are establishing the church everywhere we go. Not only baptizing but establishing the church.
The next day we went on splits and I went with sister mesies. It was soo much fun! Everything, I mean everything fell through so we spent the day making contacts and I had to show her around because she is newish. We went to the beach and had a good time sharing the easter message!
Transfer calls came, I am staying here with sister wilkins! Training is over!
Ate mais.! Love you all!
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