Miracles out the wazzooooo. (May 23, 2016)

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Cleitons baptism!!

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Just dont ask

Well I dont have much time this week but I hope I get everything that happened in the last three days.

So these last 3 days I truly saw how hard Satan works to stop the work of the Lord from moving forward. We had an investigator, Cleiton who is now a Recent CONVERT!!! This last week it was a miracle that we finished the lessons with him that we needed to because he had a lot of things going on that could have stopped it. But Friday we had district meeting and we brought the DL and his companion back to Fazenda so they could do the interview with Cleiton, but when we got here we didnt have the keys to the Church, SIster Branco lost them… haha so we went to a member to see if they had keys, they didnt but they went and picked up Cleiton and let us have the interview in their house!! It was sooo great. That night we borrowed keys from another member and went to the church and cleaned the font. Saturday, baptism day.. So we went to the church early so that we could fill up the font. We put a lot of prayers out there so that the tank would have enough water to baptize someone (it had problems in the past). But it filled and it filled in ONE HOUR. That was a miracle. Then we had to go to Cleiton’s house and get his moms signature, just that his mom wasnt home… So great members drove us around until we found his mom and got a signature. WHOO! So we went to the church and Cleiton was already there. So far so good. No… We called his friend that was supposed to baptize him and he wasnt planning on coming! But we had a great member there who went and picked him up and brought him.. Everything after that was great! I am so grateful that I witnessed that beautiful process of him being taught, baptised, receiving the Spirit. And everything else. I know the church is true. I love this work and I am grateful for great members!
I love you all.
Tchau for now,
Sister Ogle

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