Probably short and sweet (Feb. 15 2015)

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Well this last week it was either raining the whole time or so hot I could see the heat. No in between this week.We got two new sisters in our house. There is Sister Messias who has been out for 7 months, she is from Columbia, she is a sweet heart. And Sister Osorio, she is fresh out of the MTC, she is so sweet, she is from Peru. Even though there is a newbie I am still the worst at the linguá. ahaha This week, I had my first Brasilian BBQ, holy hannah, I died of happiness. And we got to help with Mãos que ajudem (Helping hands) service project where we really just raised awareness about Dangue. It was really fun.

Investigators, we have two new investigators, Alvaro and Bea. Alvaro is like 60 but he acts and moves like hes in his 40s. He doesnt believe in God so that is rough. Roberta accepted the invite to be bapptized and Rosi and Anderson are doing great!
We have great members in our ward. Irmão Elom Lemos, he is amazing, he served in Cali so he knows english we were with him most of the time during the service project.Man he is amazing.
Well. thats all. Talk to you next week.
Love, Sister Ogle.

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