September 5th, 2016

Inline image 3

I stayed with Sister Crump and Sister George (Sister Wilkins comps before she trained me)

Inline image 1

Sister Piña and I today! Inline image 2

Our new district we have the missionary couple in our branch.Inline image 4

First day for sister Piña
So First week of training was a whole bunch of fun! We wondered around lost for a lot of the time but we got to know each other really well. Training is super fun and I love Sister Piña. Sister Piña is from Arizona but her family is from Mexico so her first language is Spanish. She in 19 and great! She speaks pretty well because she spoke Spanish. Sometime she speaks in Spanish and doesnt realize it. It is super cool. We are pretty lost but it is going great. Sorry It isnt very long this week but it is good. We have the missionary couple in our branch. they are stinking amazing,  love them alot! My branch is tiny tiny tiny but we cover like 4x maybe 5 times more than i had in my other area. So it will be good. The members are amazing.
Love you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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