Transfer news are in… (Feb. 8, 2016)

Well not alot happened this week because Carnaval started this week. But let´s see… Happy Birthday DAD!!

This week…. We had district meeting in the kitchen that was fun.. We got transfer news, I am staying. Sister Wright is going to  the Island and will be training. Sister Belo (SIster wrights comp) will be staying and training here. I finished my first 6 weeks of training so only 6 more of training.
On that note, I should be fluent by the end of this next transfer… hahahahahha kidding. But seriously, this week we taught a lesson with our less active, Judy, and most of the lesson I taught! WITH (mostly) CORRECT GRAMMAR! The next day with met with another one of our less actives, Ygor, whom I love meeting with because he helps me a lot with my portuguese! Which is  teaching me to understand different accents because he is from São Paulo and he has a super thick accent and he speaks fast. So that’s good. I help him with his English, and Sister Wilkins is the mediator between us because sometimes we dont understand each other at all..
Almost all our lessons fell through this week because Carnaval started Saturday. But this week we had 3 lessons, 2 less active, 1 investigator. We taught Judy and she was super interested in the temple and having family night with her family! So we are working on that. Ygor, his lessons are always great, he is so excited about the gospel and he knows these things are true so his eyes light up when we talk about it. We met with two investigators this week, Rosi and Anderson, we have been trying all transfer to meet with them and we finally got to. it was so great!  Rosi is super interested and we are teaching them as a family so that is even better!
 This week I had my first breakdown about the language. Thank goodness I have an amazing companion who hugs me when I need it and pushes me gently to become better. I love her.

This Sunday was amazing. I love fast sunday. Because it was the last sunday in Balnéario Camboriú for Sister Wright and SIster Abreu they bore their testimony and I witnessed, the role a missionary can play on members and non members. We are what repesents Jesus Christ in this area. In Balneario Camboriu. We are here to change lives, even if it is just one. I love these people. I love their stories. I love their love and their patience. I love being a missionary. I love giving my all. I love serving my Savior.Inline image 2

Inline image 1

p.s. these past couple weeks Sister Wilkins feet have been hurting alot so I have been rubbing her feet a few times these last couple weeks… yup a mission does change a person…
Well. I love you all.

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