Do you know how much He loves you?? (September 26,2017)

SO this week was amazing, We are teaching a couple, their names are Anderson and Andreza. We taught the first night the First Vision and Apostacy not in that order. And the spirit was so strong. Anderson said how much he needed to here that God loves us enough to give us the gospel and to respond to the pray of a 14 year old boy. He was amazed that Heavenly Father knows are our names and he loves us enough to give us the gospel in the fulness.

We taught another lesson to a lady named Elaine she is a friend of the relief society president and we taught about the Atonement. We watched a video about the Atonement and i was sitting the not watching because i couldnt handle it. It was terrible to watch just the video of a part of what was done to our Savior. I sat there thinking. I am I worth all this pain that He suffered and the Spirit testified loud and clear. He knows you are worth it. Guys I want you know that I know that Christ loves us. That He loves you and He suffered and then ROSE again for YOU! I know that He is our Savior.

Friday our lunch fell through and the missionary couple in our branch offered to feed us lunch and Sister Davis doesnt understand too much in Portuguese so I left a message for them in Enlgish…. that was the hardest message I have ever given on the mission haha. It was so cool though having the opportunity again to testify in English. I am so grateful for the Davis´!

This Saturday we had a Branch activity. It was sooooo much fun! As missinaries we just ate, talked with people and introduced our investigators to people. we Didnt play volleyball or soccer but it was still sooooo much fun! I love the people here and i love this branch sooo much! I am so grateful I am here. So If I dont come back from Brasil you can find me in Biguaçu Santa Catarina alright?!

Yesterday we watched womens conference. I love it sooo much! im so grateful for the restored gospel and my opportunity I have to be a part of it. I love you alllllll sooooo much! Have a wonderful week! and ENJOY GENERAL CONFERENCE!


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