Graças a Deus pelo amor que Ele tem (February 6, 2017)

So this week was good for the most part. It was proof that God loves us. So Monday we we were knocking goors and felt that we felt we needed to go a certain street that Sister Gage already knocked with her other companions and she always a little hesitant because the people already said no to her but we knocked it anyway and it was soooooo good. At the end of the street in a house that she said the lady was super rude an other man answered the door and and let us teach him. Turns out he is living with a man that is a member and that is going to our ward! He is great. His name is Ivan. We taught the restuaration and hes like I love this! and He gave the last prayer almost crying thanking heavenly father for the love that He has for us and that we knocked at his door in the moment he was needing it most in his life. He is sooo great! I am excited to see where Ivan goes!

We have lots of investigators and right now we are trying to help them progress because they are a little iffy. But we have a few that have sooooooo much potential!
So I was sick for about 3 days this week and like sck sick. I couldnt hardly leave my bed. And I was feeling sad because I couldnt do what I wanted to do (work) and I went to the doctor Friday and I cant tell you how grateful I am for the elders in my zone and my loving companion. With whatever I needed they were willing to help me with.
Saturday morning we left to work because I was going crazy and before 11:00am we found 4 new families to teach and then after lunch I was feeling super bad but I am soooooo grateful that the Lord provides when we are obediente and we rely on him. I love you and this is my last week with Sister Gage so we will be killing it. And next week I will be able to tell you who is my new comp!
I Love you all!
Sister ogle

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