I believe in miracles (December 19, 2016)

This week was a week of miracles. But before I explain I want to talk about the superficial things that happened this week.

So first of all this week we had our Christmas Conference as a 3rd of the mission. It was super fun! So watched a video that had all the baptisms from this year and it was super cool to see. After wards we had a white elephant gift exchange it was super fun. I ended up with a suvineer of Floripa, doritos and guaraná. It was funny. Afterwards we got to change into PANTS. And there was a bunch of different games for us to play. But for the mairority of the time Sister Wilkins and I played Ping Pong against the elders. and if the Point of the game was to play the worst we took first place but it was super fun.

So here in Brasil they have men dressed up as santa riding though town on a motorcycle or in the back of a truck giving out candy EVERYDAY. It is super strange but super fun!

Now to the great part. So this last week Anderson and Andreza got married. Then we went to visit them yesterday after church and they told us that they had a problem with something and we asked them if they wanted a blessing and they were like yeah but only when someone can and we were like someone can now! (Forgetting that everyone was in meetings or choir practice) and we called the Branch presidentes house and his son André answered the phone who is visiting from Utah. And he was super willing to give a blessing and something i was to share with you that was very very special to me. So the other day I was talking to Sister Pina and explaining to her that I chose to serve a mission (of course for my savior) but also because I knew that before this life I promised someone in heaven that I would find them and help them recieve the gospel. So returning to the subject before, Andre was giving Anderson a blessing and in the blessing he said that Anderson had LOTS of friends before this life and that there are some that would be born in different places and they would be the people to help him receive the gospel. and I started crying. Guys I know that I passed through what i passed through before the mission and on the mission because Anderson and Andreza needed the Restored Gospel. I know that I am here for a reason that God has a perfect plan. I know that Heavenly Father loves every one of us. I am so grateful that my parents gave me the gift of the restored gospel in my life.

I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas. I love you alll with allll I have.

Love, Sister Ogle


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