ITSSS THEEE CLIMB… (January 9th, 2017)

So to explain my subject, this area is full of hills. So it is like we go one 7 hour hikes every day in the area. It is wonderful because the people are super receptive but man I will come home super fit after this area. haha It is cool because when sister gage and I are walking (hiking) to our investigators house I find the house at the highest point of the mountain and ask if it is that one and it always is. haha it is fun. I have never hiked so much in my life haha.

Sister Gage and i are working our butts off. Finding new investigators, helping other. I am still pretty lost but we are teaching a man from Haiti and he doesnt speak hardly any portugeus so I am pulling out the little French I remember to help him. It is working alright. He understands, “Jesus morreu… amor” (Jesus died…love) so we are getting somewhere haha. We are having a Sister from the ward translate for us this week so I think it will go better. But other than this this is all I remember right now with investigators. Oh  wait! We started teaching a mom and her daughter this week and they came to church but it is really interesting because the brother is really involved with the wrong people and it so great seeing the gospel change their lives.
Well I dont have much more time but i love you all and hope you guys are wonderful! I will have some better pictures next week but I love you!!
Com super amor,
Sister ogle

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