March 20, 2017

Soooooooooooo AFTER THIS WEEK I CAN FINALLY START WORKING LIKE NORMAL! This week we still couldn’t do much but we started teaching the husband of a Irma in our ward they are super great!! Also we had mission tour, where a general authority comes and talks with us. Elder Adukites and Elder Lynn G. Robbins came. It was a super fast meeting but it was sooo good. I liked alot of what Elder Robbins said. He talked about as missionaries we need to expect miracles, especially when we are being obedient. I love this work. But I also love the Gospel because it just isnt for missionaries. It is for everyone. The gospel is the good news that everyone needs. The gospel is knowing that our families can be eternal. It is knowing that we can be forgiven. It is knowing that we have a Savior. It is knowing that there is life after death. I love the gospel and i love the opportunity I have to share the good news with others. I hope you all have an amazing week!


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