October 3, 2016

SO this week was soooooo stinking wonderful! I will start by telling you about my investigators Anderson and Andreza… They are amazing!!! So we went and taught them about genral conference becausethey wanted to go to church and we taught them about genral conference and Anderson stops and he’s like Andreza we have to go! The prophet only speaks 2 times a year and it is this week. We have toooo goo! It was so cool! So we met with them a few more times with week and they are progressing so well! They have invited like all their family to hear the gospel. And they went to conference and loved it!!

So Friday we had district meeting and afterwards we took the elders to meet a sister that makes scripture cases and we all ended up eating there and the Elders went to leave a message with them and it was about love. It was sooo funny. There was a family over and the dad is 85 and at the end he was like “amor é falso!” (love is fake!) and his son is like oh mannnn hahah he is saying “amor é facil!” (love is easy) when he wasnt it was sooooo funny! Then we went to a cool rock with the elders here in our area and there area some pictures from it.

General conference was amazing! First of all the Branch I am serving in is absolutely amazing! I love it so much. I loved Conference. I loved Saturday Afternoon, I think alll members need to watch, study and listen to this sesson. I hope the members all over the world realize how important and essential member missionary work is. I loved how they talked about how our faith cannot change the agency of others. How important that is to remember. I hope you guys know that i know that this church is true. I know my Savior lives. I know that He loves us and I will do everything I can so that others can know that too. I love you all!

Love, Sister Ogle


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