The power of prayers (February 20, 2017)

So I just want to start off telling you guys how grateful I am for you guys and all your support. Keep being amazing.

So first of all I am soooo grateful for Sister Gage and all that I learned from her this last transfer. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be her companion. I am sooo grateful for now I have the opportinity to be companions with Sister Coelho. So a little about her. She is from Sao Paulo, she is amazing, she makes me laugh everyday and she is a powerhouse. I am so excited to work with her. We will have lots of miracles!!
This week I was pretty sick but lots of miracles are happening at the same time. Something i want to share with you guys is the importance of praying with real intent and willing to act on what the answer will be, no matter what the answer is. I have been praying to know the answer to a question i have had and for a while i wasnt really willing to act on the answer because i already had the answer decided according to what i wanted not what heavenly father wanted. But this week I finally decided that no matter what the answer will be i will act. And the moment that I prayed I recieved the answer. And I have never felt so much peace, I am so grateful for prayer and the opportunity to truly talk with my Father in Heaven. I love you all soooo much! Remember to always pray, and really talk with your father in heaven. ❤
have a wonderful week

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