The President Called. (November 21, 2016)

So this week. I have learned alot about the love that Heavenly Father has for His children. So this week I recieved a blessing from Elder Davis and in the blessing it said that The Lord is worried about these people and if they will be ready when Christ returns and I have been thinking about this alot and then I have been studing in the Book of Mormon because I wanted to know why and how the prophets prayed and cried so much about the people in that time. So I started to pray more and harder to understand and for the people here and this week I have never ever felt so much love for these people and i have never wanted them to recieve the gospel more in my life.

So Wednesday morning we were doing Sister Pinas training and President called. We were dreading a call because that means transfers.So we answer and he wants to talk to me so i thought awh man, I am leaving. But what he said was the best news ever! He told me an other dupla of sisters is coming to biguacu to be with us and I will be a Sister Training Leader here in the mission. WITH SISTER WILKINS! So I am still companions with sister Pina but Sister Wilkins (and Sister Chages) and i will give trainings together. I am sooooo excited! and today the other sisters got here!

A first happened. We taught a guy just in his boxers this week. It was in his front yard so that was weird.

I made one year and i just want to say how grateful i am to be on a mission and to have this wonderful oportunity to watch other repent and turn to Christ. I am grateful for all the moments that have stretched me and molded me into the person I am today. I am grateful for my Savior and I have had one year so far that I have to really really learn and know my Savior better than I ever have. I love you all and i am so grateful for your love and support! The mission continues to be hard but I love it so much.

Enjoy the cold cause i am dying of heat here!!

I love you all!!

Sister Ogle


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