There is always sun after the storm (December 26, 2016)

So this week I think was the longest and best week of my mission. There were so many things that happened and I hope that I can explain it all in the time that i have,

So to start off Andreza and Anderson got baptized!! So last sunday, Anderson and Andreza got a blessing from Andrei and they were going good for the baptism. Monday we went to the lesson and Andreza said she had been thinking about the baptism and she decided that she wasn’t going to get baptized. We were crushed and Anderson was crushed and then tried to help her and she still decided that she wasn’t going to get baptized so we left it at that and planned the baptism with anderson. The next day we visited with them and Andreza wasnt herself she was angry and it was a rouuuugh lesson. Then Wednesday came and it was Andersons interveiw and Andreza showed up also and asked who would do her interview. It was AMAZING. Really Satan is working to stop the work of God but God already won this war and it is OUR decision if we will accept it or not. I am so grateful for the wonderful members here that supported Andreza when she needed it most. I am grateful for the preisthood and worthy men that we can count on when we need it the most.

Christmas was amazing. We spent Christmas with a less active and then we went to our Branch President’s house. I really really love our Branch President and his family. They are converts to the church and they are amazing I really really look up to them and I hope one day I can be a member like they are. It was so great talking to the family yesterday and I am so grateful for the mission! I love you all!

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