This week was different. (December 12, 2016)

So I think it was P-day this week Sister Pina and Sister Chages wanted Sister Wilkins and I to dance for them. We warned them that we are terrible dancers and they were like no i am sure you arent tooo bad.. Well then we danced for them (we reenacted the dance from Princess Diares that the maids did) it was “great”, in the end Sister Pina and Sister Chages are teaching us some new dances…

This week was really hard because the other night I hit my toe on the bed and it has been swollen and black for about a week now and i went to the doctor and it isnt broken but it sure does hurt. So it has been kind of dificult to walk this week. Thursday happened lots of miracles even though I was in the hospital in Floripa getting xrays for my toe but we ran out money for the bus and people out of no where asked to pay for us. and we saw Daniel from the Farm. But that night we went to visit Anderson and Andreza and in our planner we wrote that we would have a miracle and so we got there and started talking with us and they said they will get baptized and it will be dec. 22nd!! WE are super excited!! Please keep praying for them!

WE had a branch missionary activity thats called Pie in the face it was soooo much fun!!

An 8 year old little boy in our branch got baptized this week he is the cutest human being. His name is Bernardo.

We had a transmission for church yesterday and even though the first two talks were in English the rest was wonderful! Elder Holland talked and the beginning he spoke Portuguese but it was really bad but super cute! Then he had a translator until his testimony then he bore his testimony in Portuguese by himself and even though his portuguese is really bad the spirit was so strong. I am so grateful the Spirit and the opportunity I have to be here! I love you all! I promise i will send pictures next week!! Love you all!

SIster Ogle



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