Today is a real email (January 23, 2017)

So, my area is super big but not nearly as big as my 1st area in the mission. It is so much fun working here. A different story everyday. It is super hot here everyday. It is about 98-105 degrees everyday which isnt too bad but there is about 95% humity all the days.. Its hot. But I am getting super tan, with putting on sunscreen about 5 times everyday. There are alot of hills. I literally go hiking everyday. But its super fun.

Sister Gage is amazing. She goes home here in little less than 3 weeks which is super sad but she works her everything off. We come home almost dead everyday. It is the best. My district and zone here on the island are the best. They work hard and we are the best of friends.
Our investigators are getting there. We are finding a lot everyday. We are working with a few people that are amazing. Denise, she is catholic but she has been going to church and really progressing. Yilda is amazing she loves everything we teach and literally when we teach her it is like she found a treasure. Which she has but she actually realizes it. We have amazing members in our ward. I love them. Oh on sunday we ate with a family and they have two young men from thailand livign with them for a little bit and they arent members but we got to talk with them in english, a little portuguese and i learned about 6 words in thailandese but it was sooo wonderfiul!
I want all of you to read Moses 7 26-50 this is when enoch is talking with God face to face and i want you to see the love that Heavenly Father has for us. I love these scriptures and the opportunity i have to feel a little of the sadness Heavenly Father feels when we disobey his commandments. I love this gospel and I am so happy and excited to finsih my mission with all I have left. I love you. ANd I thank you all for the support.


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