April 10, 2017

This week was super interesting…. Something that I learned over and over again is that the gospel is for everyone.

Monday an irmao from our ward called and said that he has a friend that wants to be baptized and wants to be taught, Tuesday we went to visit her, her name is vanda, and we found out she is dying of Lung cancer but she is sooooo ready for the gospel and she understands everything we are teaching her. We are trying to help her be prepared for baptism but she is literally on her death bed so everything is in the hands of the Lord.
The other day we were knocking doors and we stopped to talk to lady, Lordes, who was crying but she didnt want to talk to us at all. So we told her if she ever needs anything we are willing to help her. The next day we passed by her road and felt we needed to go visit her. We got there and she was outside almost crying we started talking to her and she just started sobbing and sobbing and in the end we just held her and told her of the love the that Heavenly Father has for her and we introduce the Book of Mormon and she told us how she was planning on killing herself when we found her that second day. It was a sacred moment to help her feel the love that her Savior has for her. I am sooo grateful for the Savior.
We started teaching another family who everyone in the family lost their jobs and they are confused and hurt on why this is happening. We taught another family who are thinking about seperating and they just lost their daughter a few months ago… In the end, all of the people we have taught this week had serious problems in their lives. And we had the opportinty to help them see the light that comes through living the gospel. I really know that any and all the problems that we may face in this life can be easier and resolved with the living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this gospel.
This Sunday was my last fast sunday in the mission field and it was a really special one too. An Irma from Balneario Camborio (my first area in the mission) was visiting our ward. I was super emotional but I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a missionary for a few more weeks! I love you all!
Love Always,

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