Last Email.. 18 things I have learned in 18 months

After 18 months serving as an offical representive of Jesus Christ in the Brasil Florianopolis Mission. I am full of emotions as I write my last email to all of you. I want to start thanking EVERYONE for all the support this past year and a half. I am so grateful that I have wonderful family and friends that love the gospel and support me in the things that I love. I would like to share with you guys 18 things that I learned in the past 18 months. (but dont worry I have learned alot more that i can count and have time to write)

1. This is the ONLY TRUE and LIVING church of Jesus Christ on the Earth. Yes, alot of other churches have parts of the gospel. But i know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s church on the Earth today. That it was restored in the fullness so that we can have eternal families and all the other blessing and makes all the other covenants necissary to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father.
2. I learned over and over again that God hears and answers our prayer, if we pray earnesly and with faith that He can do all things.
3. Covenants with God a meant to LIVED not just made. I know that through the living of our covenants we able to return to the presence of Heavenly Father not just making the convenant.
4. I learned how to eat more than 2 plates of food and not get sick! (EAT MORE SISTER EAT MORE!)
5. I have learned the heart break of loving someone so much that when they turn away from the Gospel, you long that one day they will be able to accept the gospel again.
6. I have learned the joy of watching those you love move their lives because they have come to know the truthfulness of the Gospel.
7.I have learned how to unclog the toilet using a plastic bottle…. it gets a little ugly but when its all you have… gotta do what ya gotta do…
8. I learned that Heavenly Father KEEPS His promises. He will always do His part if we are doing our best to do our part.
9. I learned that Heavenly Father is STILL a GOD of miracles. He always was and always will be. He has never changed. And through our faith and hard work He will perform miracles showing His love for us.
10. I learned that The Book of Mormon moves lives, if we let it. I know that it is the word of God and that was written by His holy prophets and it has a power to move our lives as we read it, applying its teachings and believing that it is true.
11. I learned not to be ashamed to ask for water or use the bathroom of strangers even if they spent 3 minutes yelling at you telling you how you are wrong.. but almost always they let you use the bathroom..
12. I have learned patience. Not only with others but with myself, and Heavenly Father’s plan. I have learned to be patient in my weaknesses and the Lord with make up the rest.
13. I learned the obedience with exactness brings miracles and happiness.
14. I learned not to care how a person is physically; in their underwear, towel, naked, they need the gospel just as much as the next person.. haha
15. I learned that we have to give our all in the circumstances that we have. That is all that God ask of us.
16.I have learned to walk 14 miles in one day and then wake up and do it all over again!
17. I learned that member- missionary work is ESSENTIAL part of God’s plan. I know that the members have a huge part in bringing the Gospel to the whole world.
18. and most importantly I have learned that Jesus Christ is my Savior. That He loves me and that suffered and died and lives again for me.I learned that His atonement is sufficent for all of us. I know that He lives and that He loves me, He loves you. I know that repentence is essential for our Salvation. I know that Christ is God’s Son, our Brother, our Savior. I cannot deny the testimony I have of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am honored that I had the opportunity to serve for a year and half in His behalf. I am grateful to have been rejected, yelled at, made fun of, and some times percicuted for being His servant. I love my Savior and I love what He has done for me.
The mission isn’t about baptisms. It is about doing your best to follow the Spirit to help as many people as you can. The mission has changed my life. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.. I have never felt so much sadness to have to finish something so wonderful. But I know that This is the church of Jesus Christ restored Through Joseph Smith, with all the truths we need to return home to our Savior. I love you all and I will see you all soon!
For the last time as a full time representive of Jesus Christ,
Sister Ogle.


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