September 5, 2015


Sunset in good ol’ Farmington NM

I absolutely love sunsets. They cause me to think, to question, to stand in awe, to wonder, and love deeper. As I sit and think about, watch, and admire the sun setting in the sky I am able to feel peace. Seeing a sunset at the end of the day is like getting your paycheck at the end of a long, hard, busy week. Sunsets remind us that there is still a God who loves us. There is a God who cares enough for us that He shows us beauty every night.  As I watch the sunset, I am able to think clearly, release anger, release frustration, release pain, release the world. I am able to slow down  and remember the promises that God has given me. The sunset does and always will give me the strength to keep going, to be better, to enjoy this life. There is something about the majesty of the sun setting that I cannot put into words accurately so one understands the meaning and love I have for the sunset. The sunset for me will always be symbolic of the Son of God. I can only imagine seeing Christ again, after a long, hard, busy life being able to see the beauty and majesty that He is. It will be like a breathe of fresh air. I can only imagine what the skies will look like when the Savior comes again, the colors, the clouds, the mountains, the valleys, the Savior of the world.

I am so blessed that in 2 months I will be in Brazil and be able to witness and enjoy those sunsets and the change and the strength that Christ has to offer me there.

Sunset in Florianopolis Brazil!

February 27, 2015

tasha ogle senior 2015 (10 of 60)

Longboarding sets one free. It enables one to let go and forget everything else around them for a short period of time. I love longboarding I love the sense of freedom and the peace it helps me feel. Given it is temporary happiness, it brings me that temporary happiness. Heavenly Father loves us enough to bless us with the tender mercies, like longboarding, because He simply knows sometimes we just need it.

February 23, 2015


Something I learned this weekend, and that is you need good friends in life. It is necessary. After knowing this kid for about 4 years he is now leaving on his mission. I said goodbye to him and it is weird that all my friends are leaving on their mission. I love them so much and I am so grateful for Aaron and his strong example in my life. Aaron, you’re going to be an amazing missionary because you already are! Good luck Elder Keeley. The Chruch is true. The Book is blue. See ya in two!

February 22, 2015


Scott Krstyen (a missionary that was previously serving in Farmington NM) came with his family to visit! I loved having him and his family over for dinner! His family is absolutely wonderful! Guys, make friends with your local missionaries. They can become your best friend and you get the best feeling when you help them hasten the Lord’s work! And they need feedin’! It’s the best and you won’t regret it, you’ll always learn something from them if your heart is in the right place!

February 21, 2015

Carol and Derrick Stock celebrated their wedding reception today and I had the wonderful opportunity to be Carol’s bridesmaid! I am so proud of the decision they have made and I am excited to see what the future brings them!



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